Manufacturer Part No:   Mirror

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Quick Overview

Terminal Emulator and Browser
Cipherlab Mirror gives you the power to integrate Cipherlab mobile computers into your data capture environment.

Mirror Terminal Emulators give users on-demand access to mainframe systems from any Cipherlab mobile computer. An easy-to-use design tool creates custom screens for the mobile devices, streamlining routine operation and data collection.

Cipherlab’s Mirror Browser turns your Cipherlab Windows based device into an accurate, effective, and user-friendly data capture tool for any web-based task.

Key Features

  • – Web browser for AIDC applications
  • – Powerful API
  • – Familiar browser interface
  • – Built-in security
  • – Flexible and programmable
  • – Mainframe based terminal emulator
  • – VT100/220 and TN5250 emulators
  • – Designed for use with WiFi networks
  • – Easy screen and terminal configuration
  • – Designed-in security

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