CipherLab 1070 - CCD Barcode Scanner

Manufacturer Part No:   A1070CBS0U001

Gane Product Code:      1070

Quick Overview

Entry Level CipherLab 1070 - CCD Barcode Scanner
Designed to provide an affordable and reliable solution for overwhelming scanning demands on shop floors and at checkout stands, the Cipherlab CL-1070 CCD scanner helps businesses streamline workflow and boost work productivity with consistent and accurate data capture.

Its aesthetically designed lightweight form factor fits in nicely with any retail setting – even high end boutiques. The ergonomic handle grip offers all day comfort for intensive scanning tasks.

Together with a 3 year warranty, the CL-1070 ensures not only reliable capture of data and long lasting performance, but also a significantly lowered total cost of ownership – offering a high return on investment for any retail business.

Key Features

  • – Red LED (623nm) light source
  • – Contact CCD barcode scanner
  • – All major symbologies supported
  • – Scanrate: 100 scans/second
  • – Optical sensor: 1500 pixels
  • – 4mm resolution
  • – Depth of field: 0–3cm
  • – Low-cost of ownership
  • – Low power consumption
  • – 1.2m impact drop-tested
CipherLab 1070 - CCD Barcode Scanner

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