Manufacturer Part No:   1704

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Quick Overview

Rugged Versatile, High Performance 2D Scanner

The Cipherlab CL-1704 handheld barcode scanner enables you to capture more symbologies in nearly any application. For manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and many more applications – you can depend on the Cipherlab CL-1704 scanner to help you save money and increase productivity.

The integrated high resolution scanning engine captures documents and signatures. The scanning engine is capable of capturing both 1D and 2D barcodes.

The CL-1704 has been designed to give you long-lasting value by making it rugged and with a low-cost investment. Built to IP54 specifications and drop-tested from 1.8m, the CL-1704 withstands shock, dusty environments and is splash-proof.

Key Features

  • – 1D / 2D Barcode scanner
  • – Optical sensor (1280 x 1024)
  • – Red LED (630nm) light source
  • – Framerate: 30 frames/second
  • – Resolution: 5mm (1D), 6.67mm (2D)
  • – RS232/Keyboard wedge/ USB HID / Virtual COM
  • – IP54 rated and 1.8m drop-tested

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