1560H Series

Manufacturer Part No:   1560H

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Quick Overview

Antimicrobial Protected Barcode Scanner

The 1560H Series Bluetooth scanners have a 90-meter line-of-sight range, enabling instant data transmission to the back end system, keeping the database updated with the most recent test results. Capable of reading high-density barcodes up to 3 mil, these scanners can properly capture small barcodes on test tubes or other small containers.

Furthermore, with its antimicrobial treatment and disinfectant-friendly housing, the 1560H series minimizes the risk of germs on the device. Also it has an adjustable stand for three different uses: mounted on the wall, placed on a desk or in a fixed position for autosense scanning.

Key Features

  • – Available in linear or 2D Imager
  • – Cordless Bluetooth
  • – Red LED (625nm) light source
  • – Depth of field: 0.5–35cm
  • – Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • – Scanrate: Up to 100 scans/second
  • – 2500 pixel optical sensor
  • – Resolution 3mm
  • – Microban antibacterial coating
  • – IP30 rated and 1.5m drop tested


  • – USB/RS232/PS2 Cabel Interfaces
  • – Battery charger
  • – Bluetooth Base

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