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Yard Management facilitates the continuous flow of material and goods between your transportation systems and distribution centres or manufacturing plants. Increases gate transaction speed, improves switcher productivity and ensures the right trailer arrives at the right dock door at the right time.

Key Benefits

Manage All Important Assets with Real-Time Insights

  • Gain strategic insights to better predict, manage and optimize your operations to better compete by knowing the location and operational status of every asset in your yard.
  • Use accurate real-time data about yard resources, combined with flexible business rules, to keep equipment and product moving through your yard.

Save Time and Money

  • Intelligent trailer assignments and path optimization cut costs by reducing switcher deadhead time, resulting in more trailer moves per hour and a reduction in fuel and maintenance expense.
  • Automatic door assignments help keep doors occupied, resulting in less downtime.
  • Automating processes to maximize yard real estate ensures you make the best possible use of every parking space and dock door in your yard.

Visibility That Increases Throughout

  • Visibility to all things critical to your operation delivers deep insights to better manage your yards more efficiently.
  • Use actionable insights to optimize operations, fine-tune yard processes and sync your staff, systems and shipments. This gives you new operational insights into your caravan inventory management and process controls. To deliver on time, every time.

Improved Yard Management

  • Optimise yard jockey productivity through intelligent task assignments that are synchronised with your warehouse or distribution operations. Yard manager can monitor and control trailer move operations from one screen, mounted in-vehicle or mobile tablet.
  • Streamline gate transactions with customer configurable check-in/check-out process, with the options for manual or automated gate processes. Schedule vehicle flow to the gate avoiding tailbacks and bottlenecks.
  • An efficient tool for dock personnel and forklift drivers to view and update trailer information, which increases door turns.

Yard Management transforms your trailer loading operations by capturing data such as load density, trailer capacity, load quality, wall-by-wall build profiles and images of loads in progress, giving organisations unprecedented insights to achieve peak levels of performance and profitability.