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TrueVue RFID Retail Inventory Solution

RFID Sense location data collection and support platform drives competitive advantage by turning your big location data into actionable intelligence to optimally mobilize action at the edge. Make sense of all that data your operation provides to increase visibility, heighten measurability and drive operational control.

Our solution collects device-level data at the edge and makes it accessible via APIs to increase workflow efficiency and productivity. Leverage RFID Sense to improve current applications and create new solutions. RFID Sense can integrate with your existing hardware, software and data ecosystems to provide a more complete business picture.

Key Benefits

  • Asset Management – The tracking, management and utilisation of anything tangible that is owned by a company or individual that is held for business use.
  • Connected Supply Chain Management – The management of interconnected businesses and processes related to the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of products and services. Includes continuous monitoring of inventory and warehouse for temperature, light, humidity and location management.
  • Sensing and Monitoring – The integration of sensors (i.e. data loggers) that are used to monitor the physical environment of an object. Common sensors include temperature and humidity.
  • Safety/Security – The management, assurance and compliance of safety and security for an enterprise, its employees, assets, products and processes. Common applications include worker safety, evacuation and emergency mustering.
  • Workflow Optimization – The process of maximising efficiency for the workflow of a business. One example is an automotive plant. The goal is to minimise the number of steps to get from point A to B in the manufacturing process or making sure that when a worker gets to point B, they have XYZ available to do the job correctly.

Supply Chain Intelligence

Without clear inventory visibility throughout the supply chain, you risk not meeting shopper or promotional needs and devaluing your products and brands. TrueVUE Supply Chain Intelligence helps by improving the traceability and visibility on your goods from the factory to the store to the consumer to protect and reinforce your brand. Using RFID technology and cloud-based analytics, you can easily track inventory and supervise supply chain procedures to help control shipping status and store inventory levels across the enterprise.

RFID Track & Trace

Supply Chain Track & Trace uses innovative RFID technology and cloud-based analytics to help track and control inventory throughout the supply chain. This user-friendly, mobile-enabled application offers real-time access to product flow data, providing smarter brand and customer protection.

With Track & Trace’s real-time reporting capabilities, data is read and synchronized through the central database to provide actionable analytics to allow retailers to:

  • Prevent counterfeiting with product traceability and identification at the item level
  • Detect gray market trading via audit reporting to help brand owners combat market diversion
  • Retrieve accurate item-level data and product history for gray market control
  • Monitor supply chain procedures— from supplier to DC to store— for increased operational efficiency
  • Improve decision making with real-time cloud-based analytics, powered by easy-to-use back office app
  • Ensure customer brand satisfaction and loyalty by verifying delivery and authenticity of genuine brand products
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