Poslab WAVEPOS 66

Manufacturer Part No:   PL-WAVEPOS 66

Gane Product Code:      PL-WAVEPOS 66

Quick Overview

The WavePOS 66 Terminal is cost effective solution that comes ready with Windows Systems. It is ideal for the retail and hospitality sectors. The elegant touch screen POS system was developed as a fully-fledged all-in-one device for small budgets – but not for small demands. With this device you offer your customers a POS system with which they impress at the POS, as well as realize a smooth workflow. And all of this at a sensational low price, which has the industry searching for another of its kind.

In addition to an excellent price-performance ratio the Wavepos 66 impresses with its elegant design in timeless black, which integrates itself into practically every area of usage – from a regular retail sales room to hospitality, even in a hair or fashion salon. The skillfully constructed stand provides the device with stability, and effectively saves space at the same time: with a depth of just 194 mm you even place the Wavepos 66 in places which offer little space for POS systems.

The Wavepos 66 operates without a fan and will therefore impress with its practical quiet operation. At the same time, by not using a ventilation system (meaning there are no moving parts), the POS gains in reliability and service life.

The system also supports three operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Key Features

  • - 15" Flat Screen Technology
  • - Intel® Bay-Trail J1900 CPU
  • - 2 GB RAM and 64GB SSD
  • - 100% Fan-less design
  • - Elegant with small footprint design
  • - Windows POSReady 7
  • -15" Flat Screen Technology
  • -Intel® Bay-Trail J1900 CPU
  • -2 GB RAM and 64GB SSD
  • -100% Fan-less design
  • -Elegant with small footprint design
  • -Device Options: MSR, VFD Customer Display
  • -Windows POSReady 7

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