OPH-1005 App Builder Kit - Opticon 76078

Manufacturer Part No:   76078

Gane Product Code:      OPH-1005-APK

Quick Overview

The OPH-1005 is a handheld terminal with an integrated barcode laser scanner. The OPH-1005 is equipped with a clear and easily readable graphic TFT LCD color display which enables the user to use the terminal in combination with advanced application programs.

Other technical specifications of the OPH-1005 are 128 MB flash memory for intensive data collection applications and a curved scan head for comfortable scanning. The mini-USB connector offers flexible charging and communication possibilities.

You will also receive a license providing you with access to our App Builder software where you can simply and easily build an application from scratch with no training needed.

Key Features

  • -Includes OPH-3001 terminal, battery, USB Cable, App Builder License
  • -Ergonomic design with curved scan head and soft grip
  • -Bright display for easy reading
  • -Clear scanning feedback with LED and buzzer
  • -Lightweight
  • -Includes OPH-1005 terminal, battery, CRD-1006 (cradle), USB Cable, PSU, App Builder License
  • -Fast processor
  • -Compact and lightweight
  • -100 scans/second
  • -Bright LCD screen

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