Manufacturer Part No:   HF9A

Gane Product Code:      HF9A HF Mifare Rugged Rdr

Quick Overview

Promag HF9A is a configurable RFID reader designed to support various types of high frequency cards. It is a simple yet powerful solution for customers reducing inventory overheads. The HF9A offers a wide range of compatibility and flexible modifications, becoming the top choice reader on the market.

Applications: access control, data collection, time attendance and registration systems.

Key Features

  • ISO 14443A & B, ISO 15693 and INSIDE PicoTag
  • Wiegand, TK2 and RS232
  • Lightweigh
  • Baudrate: 2400bps to 115200bps
  • Enable/Disable any types of card reading
  • LED indications
  • Selectable UID bits
  • ISO 14443A & B, ISO 15693 INSIDE PicoTag
  • Wiegand, TK2 and RS232
  • Lightweight
  • Enable/Disable card reading
  • LED indication lights
  • Selectable UID parts

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