Radio Frequency IDentification is a relativley new technology and we pride ourselves at being at the forefront of this emerging market.

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  1. CipherLab 1861 - Handheld RFID Reader

    CipherLab 1861 - Handheld RFID Reader

    CipherLab 1861 - Handheld RFID Reader Unique from typical RFID readers, the Cipherlab CL-1861 handheld RFID reader gives you extended RFID reading and writing capabilities via most Bluetooth mobile devices. In addition, it can further integrate barcode capture and RFID data collection into one robust device by simply snapping on a Cipherlab 9600 series, CP50 series or other mobile computer onto its custom mount. The Cipherlab CL-1861 handheld RFID reader can read RFID tags at a distance of up to 1 m (3 ft.) and write tag data up Learn More
  2. CipherLab 1862 RFID Reader

    CipherLab 1862 RFID Reader

    The 1862 has been designed to address the growing demand for UHF RFID applications in warehouse, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail operations. The UHF RFID handheld reader has a long reading range of 16.5ft. which makes data collection easier from the ground. The 1862 handheld RFID reader to assist in smooth integration of RFID technology. Offering high level UHF reader options to extend RFID reading and writing, the 1862 also provides versatility in pairing with Bluetooth® devices to make operations simple. Users ca Learn More
  3. Point Mobile PM80 - Rugged Hybrid Enterprise Computer Main

    Point Mobile PM80 - Rugged Hybrid Enterprise Computer

    The Point Mobile PM80 - Rugged Hybrid Enterprise Computer is the ideal mobile computer for your business. Intelligently built for enterprise but with a consumer grade style and design the PM80 has a 5 inch touch screen screen, built in 8MP camera and bluetooth connectivity. The Android™-powered PM80 is equipped with the latest technological advancements, including 4G LTE wireless connectivity for lightning fast access to voice and data, dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi and high-sensitivity GPS.The stylish mobile terminal can stand Learn More
  4. UHF860


    UHF860 offers a well designed UHF RFID reader with a reading range of 5 meters. Up to 4 anntenna ports built in compliance with ISO18000-6C EPC Class 1 Gen2 standards. Applications such as Asset management, Dock Loading bay portals, Transportation management, parking rapidly and cost effectively implemented. Learn More
  5. ANT800


    Promag ANT800 UHF antenna is a perfect match for Promag's UHF readers. It has a sophisticated and compact design which makes it the best choice for applications where space is limited. Learn More
  6. AMP800


    Promag AMP800 is a tray style, Ultra HIgh Frequency RFID Reader which is compliant to ISO18000-6C EPC Gen 2 protocol with an operating frequency of 840-960MHz. The compact and tray style design makes it ideal for inventory control, books and document tracking and jewelry warehousing management and check in/out system. The " UHF Reader Utility" software for testing and configuration purpose is included in the standard package. Learn More
  7. UE600


    The Promag UE600 is a desktop Ultra High Frequency RFID Reader/Writer compliant to ISO18000-6C EPC Gen 2 protocol with an operating range of 840-960Mhz. The compact housing design makes it ideal for installing environment with space constraints. UE600 is compatible with EPC Gen2 readers for integrated industrial control applications in the market. An “UHF Tag Manager” software for configuration is included in standard package. Learn More
  8. UHF870 - All in One RFID Reader

    UHF870 - All in One RFID Reader

    NEW All in one long range RFID reader solution. This new all-in-one design has bulit-in polarized antenna and combine with UHF Tag, the reading distance performance will be up to 5 meters maximum distance. The device has 2 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs controlled with two types of interface, which is RS232/RS485 and Wiegand/RS232 models. It is suitable for many applications, such as assest tracking, access control, parking management, logistics management and more. Learn More
  9. HF9A


    Promag HF9A is a configurable RFID reader designed to support various types of high frequency cards. It is a simple yet powerful solution for customers reducing inventory overheads. The HF9A offers a wide range of compatibility and flexible modifications, becoming the top choice reader on the market. Applications: access control, data collection, time attendance and registration systems. Learn More
  10. PCR310


    Promag PCR310 is a high performance Mifare® card reader and writer. Multi-application cards can also be used with this read / write unit, supplied with card encorder software/developers kit can implement their own bespoke applications and define security keys independently. Learn More
  11. UR Series

    UR Series

    With excellent performance, flexible appearance by changeable housing, customised logo, configurable LED colours and buzzer sound Promag UR Series RFID Mifare/ LF weatherproof door wall mount is designed for high end projects. The operating voltage range and waterproof design makes it a great all weather outdoor reader with wide range of applications such as access control, in and out control, intelligent buildings and many more. Learn More
  12. MF7 Mifare Card Reader

    MF7 Mifare Card Reader

    The MF7 is a high performance proximity reader for medium range distances and small dimensions. The three in one interface, RS232 allow for integration into a variety of applications for security access control. Learn More
  13. MP2 RFID Reader

    MP2 RFID Reader

    Designed for the retail and hospitality sectors, the MP2 is a high performance RFID reader enabled to support high frequency cards. Purpose built, the device is perfect for pre payment and ticketing applications - as well as meal vouchers and prepaid parking tickets. Learn More
  14. PCR330


    Promag PCR330 series is designed to be configured to output format to set POSTFIX or PREFIX at decimal or hexadecimal before shipment. It is user friendly with no need of any drive. A real Plug and Play device to integrate with Access control or Identification system. Learn More
  15. MP200


    MP200 is the latest handheld 13.56MHz Multi Protocol RFID reader released in year 2014. It supports RFID card including ISO14443A, ISO 14443 B and ISO15693. Except RS232 interface, MP200 also supports USB HID keyboard mode making it easy to use with no additional USB driver required. This 13.56MHz RFID Multi-ISO Protocol Scanner is specially designed for pre-payment, ticketing, tracking, retail, loyalty, leisure, gambling and other. Learn More
  16. MP100


    Promag MP100 is designed for data exchange to ISO 14443A, ISO14443B, ISO15693 and ISO7816 with SAM slot. It saves much time to help those who need the further development and no need to understand the complicated ISO/IEC14443 and ISO7816 standards to operate MP RFID Reader Module. MP100 meets the requirements of both secure personal identify verification, supply chain applications, access control, automatic fare collection (AFC), vending and mobile solutions especially. Learn More
  17. RF222 / MF222

    RF222 / MF222

    The advantage of contactless reading and compatible MSR module housing, useing PROMAG RFID technology at 13.56Mhz or 125KHz is your best system upgradeable scenario. PROMAG RFID reader module RF222 / MF222 is the best choice to upgrade specification from Magnetic stripe module to RFID reader module, it is very simple to install RFID reader module just change RF222 / MF222 RFID module to original interface of MSR module without any additional hardware or enclosure tooling change. Learn More
  18. ER750/ER755


    Promag ER755 is especially designed for applications such as access control, time attendance, guest registration, authorization identification and identity authentication. The Mifare Ethernet RFID reader provides a read range of up to 7cm. Output interface is Ethernet with configurable relay period time . The RFID reader can also be designed with a reader ID number for multi-unit communication. The internal LED and buzzer are also configurable. Learn More
  19. AC101


    AC101 is a smart and easy-to-use Ethernet access controller that can be fitted to two doors. It is able to connect any kind of Wiegand reader in the market, such as magnetic stripe reader, RFID reader or fingerprint reader. There is Utility software for user to change settings of the device through over the network. Via TCP/IP protocol, you also can set some configuration, the filter list of person, and time-zone management. Also you can get door access record by Ethernet too. With the network-enabled access, it gives the advantages o Learn More
  20. SF650


    The SF650 is an advanced biometric fingerprint reader that identifies users by fingerprints as well as ID cards. It comes with fingureprint and card option which can stroe digitalised fingerprints on a system database. Learn More
  21. TR610


    The TR610 is the first open source Basic programmable time recorder in Promag TR family and developed on Tibbo Technology. It is a unique time and attendance terminal in that it is one of the first Open Source time and attendance terminals on the market. The TR610 internal application is written using Tibbo BASIC, an easy-to-learn variant of the BASIC language. The source code for this application is available in the downloads page of this website. Learn More
  22. TR515


    TR515E Ethernet-interfaced time recorder is simple to install and operate, this time and attendance terminal provides all the basic time recorder functionality in an attractive and cost-effective package. Extremely versatile, TR515E terminal can be used as either a wall-mount or as a desktop device. An excellent viewing angle is provided in both orientations by rotating the unit 180 degrees. Learn More
  23. WBR800


    WBR800 Wristband Reader is a high frequency, Bluetooth enabled and smartphone accessed RFID device for inventory, transport and logistics controls. It has a chargeable battery for 48 hrs of continuous operation and an optional finger cladding extension scanner. Learn More

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