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EPOS Terminals

We offer a variety of EPOS products for almost any application.

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  1. Advantech EP-5530 Efficient Bezel-free POS Terminal

    Advantech EP-5530 Efficient Bezel-free POS Terminal

    The EP55 Series from AdvanPOS is one of the UK's leading mid range EPOS solutions. Terminals feature Intel Dual Core CPU, E-POS is a cost-effective POS terminal which delivers stable quality and fanless operation with 3 mounting options to meet the needs of most retail and hospitality environments. E-POS features a smart hinge design which allows the easy HDD removal and replacement. Featuring a PCI-E slot, E-POS is capable of surveillance application by adding the capture card and camera, which makes it not just a transaction PO Learn More
  2. Poslab WAVEPOS 66

    Poslab WAVEPOS 66

    The WavePOS 66 Terminal is cost effective solution that comes ready with Windows Systems. It is ideal for the retail and hospitality sectors. The elegant touch screen POS system was developed as a fully-fledged all-in-one device for small budgets – but not for small demands. With this device you offer your customers a POS system with which they impress at the POS, as well as realize a smooth workflow. And all of this at a sensational low price, which has the industry searching for another of its kind. In addition to an excellent Learn More
  3. Advantech WPOS Series - 15” POS Terminal with IVY Bridge CPU

    Advantech WPOS Series - 15” POS Terminal with IVY Bridge CPU

    W-POS is a POS refined in every detail which is more powerful, slimmer and can be used for more applications. W-POS features IPC spec which delivers high performance, stability, IP65 waterproof protection, but does not look like an IPC. It features an ultra-slim screen with only 55 mm which makes W-POS stylish and space-saving. It features a unique stand base which enables color and logo customizability on the back and it is wall/ pole/ desk mountable for various applications and environments. W-POS is ideal to function as digital sig Learn More
  4. Advantech Chameleon CM5500 - 15” Customizable POS Terminal - Black

    Advantech Chameleon CM5500 - 15” Customizable POS Terminal

    With the patented Easy-Change Bezel design, the Chameleon provides ultimate flexibility and possibility for logo and color customization, making a POS product not only functional but also easier to fit in any décor. With the patented design, customers can easily have their corporate logo and color on the POS system. This logo and color customization concept is highly accepted by our customers in the hospitality and retail industries.ENERGY STAR Qualified Chameleon is not only innovative but also eco-friendly. Qualified by ENERGY STA Learn More
  5. DesirePOS All-in-one POS Terminal Solution

    DesirePOS All-in-one POS Terminal Solution

    Stylish and modern all-in-one splash proof POS Terminal Solution With a flat touchscreen, wire resistive touch and Intel Duo Core Processors. The DesirePOS comes with optional peripherals including: customer display, magnetic card reader, dallas keys and i-buttons. The DesirePos All In One terminal is an out of box solution which offers your retail and hospitality customers a cost effective solution to their data collection requirements without compromising on quality, ease of use and operational effectiveness. Learn More
  6. Panasonic JS-960WS 15" EPOS Terminal

    Panasonic JS-960WS 15" EPOS Terminal

    Panasonic revolutionized the point of sale (POS) market with the introduction of Stingray, the industry's first modular workstation. Now the innovator in POS technology continues to lead the way with the introduction of Stingray Envo. Envo breaks new ground in versatility, with virtually unlimited mounting options ideal for a wide range of applications – and like Stingray, Envo is modular, saving you time and money. Designed with the environment in mind, Envo also helps to preserve Earth's resources along with your own. In tough Learn More
  7. Panasonic JS-925WS 15" EPOS Terminal

    Panasonic JS-925WS 15" EPOS Terminal

    Based on Panasonic's industry-leading 'Stingray' EPOS, the new Lite-ray is engineered to provide the features you need for virtually any application. This compact point-of-sale system combines high-performance features, a durable design and optional security features in one cost-efficient package.The Lite-ray system is an open platform, capable of accommodating virtually any point-of-sale software from any industry. Lite-ray also supports Microsoft Windows, including both standard and embedded platforms along with Linux. The compac Learn More
  8. ABOX 123 All-in-One Fanless BOX PC

    ABOX 123 All-in-One Fanless BOX PC

    The ABOX-123 is an ultra-compact POS box system with fanless operation that powered by a fourth-generation Intel® Celeron J1900 processor and featuring low power consumption design to aimed at markets that demand cost-effective high computing performance solution. The stylish and rugged aluminum hole-free housing and rich I/O interface design provide not only good at heat dissipation but also easy to connect with POS monitor. Its industrial design makes ABOX-123 ideal for critical environments. Learn More

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