PM450 BT, WiFi, 1D Laser, ALPHA NUMERIC, STD Battery, QVGA, 512MB/1GB, WEH 6.5 Pro

Manufacturer Part No:   P450GPH6156E0T

Gane Product Code:      

Quick Overview

PM450 Series

When you need to do intensive barcode scanning with mobility within a harsh working environment - The PM450 is the right product for you.
Even though your consumers always seek for new and cutting-edge technology, your workers have been always selecting the product with the most convenient and user-friendly features to make their job easiler and faster. The PM450 definitely fulfills these controversial requirements but yet adopts latest technology of enterprise mobility trend for next decade.

The PM450 is designed for serving at as many vertical markets as possible: such as transportation, logistics, distribution centers, manufacturing, government and public sector.

Key Features

  • Rugged PDT WEH 6.5 Pro
  • Warehouse Manufacturing Logistics
  • 1D Laser barcode reader
  • IP65 Rating 1.8M Drop spec
  • 57 Keypad
  • Rugged Industrial WEH 6.5 Pro
  • WMS/ Manufacturing
  • 1D Barcode Readers
  • IP65 Rating, 1.8M Drop spec
  • 30 Keypad with Pistol Grip
  • Replacement for MC9190G, Dolphin6500 or Skorpio X3

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