Manufacturer Part No:   8001H

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Quick Overview

Pocket-Sized Mobile Medical Computer

With Microban antimicrobial protection and disinfectant-friendly housing, the 8000H series mobile computer offers enhanced sanitary protection without sacrificing efficiency. The 8000H series can operate for 100 continuous hours on a lithium-ion rechargeable battery in batch mode, which gives a continual productivity. The easy-to-learn interface of the 8000H series means that new or temporary staff are quickly up and running, ensuring an immediate increase in efficiency.

Equipped with FORGE Application Generator that allows easy customization to suit unique work routines and use, this computer is perfect for inventory stock control, order management, access to patient records during diagnosis, point-of-care, record management, lab tests, and specimen tracking.

Key Features

  • – 16-bit CPU Processor
  • – 2MB Flash, 2 / 4MB SRAM (Option)
  • – 100px x 64px LCD display
  • – Linear or Laser barcode imager
  • – BLAZE C and BASIC compiler
  • – FORGE application generator (w/ OCX)
  • – MIRROR terminal emulation
  • – STREAM wireless studio
  • – Batch / Bluetooth Class II (Option)
  • – Microban antibacterial coating
  • – 1.2m drop tested
  • – Up to 100hrs between charges


  • – Charging and Comms Cradle
  • – USB and RS232 cable
  • – Rechargeable Battery

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