Manufacturer Part No:   166xH

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Quick Overview

Pocket-sized Medical Bluetooth Scanner
The 166xH Series Bluetooth scanner, with antimicrobial treatment and disinfectant-friendly housing, is an ideal choice for maximum mobility and flexibility. Lightweight and small enough to fit neatly in your pocket, this scanner also has a Bluetooth range of up to 10 meters to ensure great portability.

The lithium-ion battery lasts for 40 hours, allowing you to complete your tasks without wasting time on battery recharge. The 4MB on-board memory can hold over 240,000 scans in batch mode when used as a memory scanner, allowing workers to complete the maximum number of tasks without interruption.

All in all, the 166xH series Bluetooth scanner really is the perfect scanner for point-of-care, medication dispensing, records management, lab results, and specimen tracking.

Key Features

  • – Red LED (625nm) light source
  • – Built-In Real Time Clock
  • – Cordless Bluetooth Class III v2.0 (10m LoS)
  • – Laser or 2D barcode reader
  • – Depth of field: 3.5–38cm
  • – Small and lightweight
  • – Works anywhere and anytime
  • – 2500 pixel optical sensor
  • – Resolution 3mm
  • – Microban antibacterial coating
  • – 9.5cm x 3.5cm x 2cm
  • – 0.90m drop tested


  • – Micro USB cable
  • – Protective Cover
  • – Battery charger
  • – Rechargeable Battery

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